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This is the NZI Sevens weekend here in Sunny Wellington.

Jacqui and I didn't manage to get tickets - by the time I'd remembered to log on to the website, they were all long sold out.  Apparently they were all gone within 3 minutes, so I don't feel so bad.

It would have been great to have gone to the actual tournament, but since that wasn't possible, we went into the city to bask in the ambiance.

And we're glad we did!  The whole city was out, and I don't think much work was done!

The whole point of the Seven's weekend is, surprisingly, completely unrelated to rugby. Rather, it's about being seen in your outfit.  And every year, the outfits get a bit crazier.

This year the costumes included, but where not limited to:

  • Oompa-Loompas
  • Avatars
  • Fairies
  • SWAT team members
  • Cavemen (and cave women)
  • Synchronised swimmers
  • Baywatchers
  • Blues Brothers
  • Mexicans

Also, everyone was either drunk or crazy.  Many were, in fact, both.
Jacqui got hugged by random strangers more times that I can remember.  One tried to talk to me. He said "o hoi ther mate, imframcurk!".   At first I had no idea what this meant, and assumed he was crazy and drunk.  But then he said it again, slower, and I understood that what he was actually trying to portray was that he was from Cork, so that was cool.

There's a place where a bar with a balcony overlooks the way from one end of the city to the stadium.  It's not the only way, but since it's along the waterfront, everyone goes that way.

So the balcony is temporary home to perhaps 150 young fellas wearing Mexican wrestling outfits, super hero costumes and various other insane disguises.

On the way though one of their members waits.  And when suitable people come by, he stops them and asks if they'll accept his challenge.  And it's simple : if you're a boy, you have to take off your kit and jump in the water.  If you a girl, well;  "Get your t*ts out for the boys".

Some did, some didn't, most said "f*ck off!"or words to that effect.  I guess if it had been later and the passers-by had been 25% drunker, the result might have been very different!

Anyway - here's a selection of photos from the day:

Ozzie Life savers.  

Not sure, but I think they're seventies rock stars.

Mexicans (I guess...)

Super Marios

5,4,3,2,1... Thunderbirds are Go!!


More Mexicans.  When Jacqui told them "I'm really from Mexico!" they replied "So are we!!"

Darth Vader and a Clone ( I think )

Chicken Man!

These guys do an excellent version of Kiss.  Maybe it's really Gene Simmons?

This is the balcony I was telling you about.

These guys where the ones propositioning the people as they walked past.

We fully expected to see Avatars this year.  So here are some.

SWAT Team.  Looked pretty authentic! Unless they were real too?

Ooompa-Loompa having a fag.

Synchronised Swimming team...

In they go.  How graceful!

..And after.

The elderly lady had to hold still while some Pamplona bull runners dash past..

..And here's the big scary bull...

It's the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team (mon)

Little Plastic Soldiers

African Warriors. And Spider-man.

Isn't she looovellyyyy...

I reckon that'll do for the spectators.  I have very little knowledge of the rugby.  We watched about 4 matches, and apart from New Zealand doing very well (apparently), I don't remember much.


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