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Showing posts from January 13, 2010

Guitar Completed... more or less...

I finally got the guitar finished.  I'm sure you'll remember that one I bought in a local auction shortly before Christmas?

I finally got it wired up, screw together and stringed.  I plugged it in and was more than a little amazed to find that it actually worked!  It's actually feels nice to play, and looks pretty too.

It also has buckets of tone and I would imagine would make a nice blues guitar.

However, it's not perfect as yet. There appears to be something of an annoying hum,  but I think with some additional shielding and grounding, it'll be fine.  And it's a fairly well known issue with strats anyway.

Also, the neck pickup appears not to work.  Not sure why - it appears to be correctly wired.  No problems though.  I very rarely use that pickup anyway.

And lastly, the scratch plate doesn't really fit.  The body isn't exactly a strat shape, just very similar.  I think it looks quirky, so I don't mind :)

Check it out:

Looks quite nice eh?

Here's …