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Showing posts from December 25, 2009

More Guitar Bits

I discovered that the machine head I was given at the guitar shop last week wasn't going to fit.  If they were all the same, they'd slot in together nicely, but because the odd one was a slightly different shape than the other five, they simply woudn't fit together.

So, being adventurous, I decided to go ahead an order a new set.  They were only a few bucks each so it's not a big deal.
They arrived on the morning of Christmas eve (nice one!) and I proceeded to fit them.  But : turns out the neck of the guitar had non-standard holes for the machine heads.  They're too small (at least they're not too bit: that woud have been harder to remedy).  I went to Mitre 10 (again) to buy a drill, an appropriate drill bit for the new machine heads and a set of other drill bits for future use.

When we got back to the house I eargerly drilled the slightly bigger holes and was very pleased with the results.  The guitar really is taking shape : it's now got the full complim…