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Showing posts from June 13, 2010

All's well that ends well

Well, Jacqui is finally safely arrived in Mexico City and is, as I type,  recovering from a fairly arduous and long ordeal. 

Apart from arriving at the wrong terminal, everything seemed to go relatively smoothly.  She even has a decent wifi connection in her hotel room, so we could even chat for free over skype.

She makes the 4 hour bus trip to her home city tomorrow afternoon, and will be staying a night in a local hotel before getting settled.

Excellent :)

Interesting Times...

Well, Jacqui's off to Mexico for a few weeks, or a month, or maybe longer. 

Thursday night Jacqui spent packing and I spent sorting out her laptop.  Updated all the software and switched off automatic updates - Jacqui will be using the tethering function on her iPhone for internet and at $10 per megabyte, it could be very expensive!  We ended up going to bed sometime around 4.

A few hours later, on Friday morning, we got up early and faffed about for exactly 7 minutes too long, and then battled our way through Friday Morning Traffic, moving at the exact same speed as Golden Syrup, before arriving at the airport exactly 7 minutes late.


"Sorry sir, check-in is now closed." the lady told us.
"Yes, but don't worry; you can get on the next flight for a $90 charge."
"Excellent!  When's that then?"
"In 6 hours"

The lady was very nice though : not her fault we arrived late.  She suggested that we might like to try s…