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Auckland is off the menu (for now)

Jeese, but it was close.

I was offered a very good perm role in Auckland and the agent was telling me that they needed a decision pretty damn quick!  Apparently they were going to meet with the company that very day, and wanted a yea or nay before COB the following day ("Close Of Business", just in case that's a stupid TLA - "Three Letter Acronym").

So, I was very pleased when I got word that a local company here in Wellington were interested in talking to me about a 6 month contract. The interview was arranged for the following morning.

The interview went well: brief but covered most of the things you'd expect.  Nothing too technical but enough to weed out the stoopids.

I think I did well enough, because they told me I was the "preferred candidate".  After some panic regarding getting by references sorted, the offer was made. I called the agent in Auckland, and she was very gracious.

I started a few weeks back (hence the lack of updates recently)…