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Showing posts from August 22, 2009

Conchas - attempt 2

Turns out Conchas made properly are fan-bloody-tastic.
The extra kneading takes it's toll on your fingers and hands, but the final result makes up for it. I guess this is true for all bread recipes, but it's cool to realise the fact through results.
They turned out rounded, plump and were sweet and tasty. The sweet bread reminds me a little of a French Brioche, but the topping makes it less poncy. They contains lots of eggs and butter, so I guess this is why they taste so good.
So we brought the second attempt to our Mexican friends for them to try, and the were very impressed, so I reckon that's pretty cool.
I'm making some more tonight. I'll not bother posting any more about this mind you. I think you get the idea.