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Showing posts from March 17, 2010

Revolt of the Mannequins

This past week, Wellington has been host to La Révolte des Mannequin.

La Revolt des Mannequin, or The Revolt of the Mannequins, is a set of French art installations.  Around the town, several shop fronts are installed with Mannequins posed and doing various things.

Each day, they appear shifted to a new pose, giving the impression that they're moving. And thus a story is told.

There where ten of them in the CBD area, but the first that caught my attention was called Nightmare of the Puddle and featured a man enjoying a drink on the first day.  But as the days progressed, the man appeared to be melting form the feet down, forming a large puddle of plastic.

By the end, he had practically disappeared completely, and a cleaning lady was mopping up the remains into a blue plastic bucket.  On the last day, she throws the contents of the bucket at the window.

Another excellent one wasn't hosted in one shop.  It was called the Inspector and the Sniper.  It featured a sniper located at…