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Showing posts from June 28, 2010

All work and no play makes Dan a dull boy

Well, it's all been very busy at work these days.  I'm helping the very nice folks at NZQA to build their new website, and this weekend, after months of coding & hacking, it finally went live.

You can check it out (if you like) at  There may still be bugs, missing pages and perhaps catastrophic crashes, but it certainly looks better and is apparently easier to use.

I did the "dynamic" pages - this is a fancy way of saying that I re-skinned the legacy pages to make them look like the rest of the site :)

There are several nice &/or interesting technologies in use back there : Silverstripe is used for CMS, and it's been interesting to see how to integrate something complex like a professional CMS with a set of legacy pages.

Anyway, mostly done now.