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Showing posts from February 25, 2010


Well it's turning out to be an interesting time.

As I discussed recently, contracting is turning out to be something of a pain in the ass.

I recently started applying for suitable contracts in Auckland - a sprawling city in the North. Apparently.
I managed to secure a phone interview with a Nameless Large Company, and they kindly informed me afterwards that I came "a close second". 

This was cool, and usually that woud have been the end of it.  Us contractors have to be used to rejections - it's part of the job.

But they have confused matters a bit - they told my agent that they might consider me for a perm role. Usually, I'd reject this straight away, but it's been nearly 5 months since I last secured a contract.  Also, it's a very well known company, and there are some excellent bribes, er, I mean benefits...

I'll not mention what they are cuz you'll instantly know the company.  Suffice to say I'd be able to do the thing they do for 60% les…