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Road Trip Part 2

Cathedral Cove set the bar very high it has to be said.  When we got back to our cars, we discovered that we were mostly hungry, so the consensus was reached that we should try to find somewhere to eat.  

So, we followed Tom, who thought he knew of a suitable place to eat.  However, this turned out to be a Ferry port (end of the road) and we had no notion of where to go next.

It was starting to get late by this point, but since we had the tent in the boot, we weren't that worried.

I switched on my tomtom to see if it knew of any good places to eat nearby.  It did : claimed that the closest place was a little cafe/restaurant.  I gave them a call, and they told me that the kitchen would be open for another half an hour.  Excellent!

I programmed the GPS and off we went.  10 minutes later, we still weren't near the place.  Strange.
The tomtom now claimed that what had started as a 10 minutes drive had 30 minutes left to go.  Very Strange.

We wanted to call Tom & Alfa to see what we …