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Dawkins in Wellington

Well, Richard Dawkins was in Wellington last night to do a talk as part of the NZ International Arts Festival.

Jacqui and I had bought tickets as soon as we heard he was coming (months ago!) and were amongst first in line to get to a good seat. our friends Raquel and Cristina were with us.

We settled about half way back, not so close as to be craning our necks; not so far as to be unable to see.

 The view from our seats.  I put the phone away when Richard came on to the stage.
The room was filled almost to capacity.  This, I remind you, is not a rock concert or a famous actor.  This is a talk by a scientist.  And the room is filled to capacity.  I hope this is a sign of the times.  I hope that scientific literacy is improving.  10 years ago, I don't think a science writer could have attracted such a large crowd in a small city like Wellington.  Perhaps we're putting myth, superstition and religion behind us.  Perhaps.

The talk started with a short introduction by a local scienc…