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Edward Current

I love to hate youtube.  But sometimes, I find something that makes me love to love youtube.  Edward Current is one of those things.

Great stuff :)


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Slow Cooked Pork with Potatoes & Gravy

Well Jacqui's away back to Mexico for a bit.  The teenagers were here and it all went very well. They're nice kids, and we had a GREAT TIME :)

I also have some opinions about the state of modern Mexico that I'm dying to write about, but it's a bit to heavy for a sunday afternoon, so instead I'm gonna tell how to make something delicious.

So, lets say you've got one of those slow cookers, and you've tried a few things but it always ends up kinda-tasting-the-same.

Well, I know exactly how you feel.  I've tried several things, and usually they're OK, tasty enough, but lacking in whatever it would take to make the 6-8 hours worth it.

Until I discovered a secret.  I didn't find this anywhere on the web, but I have inferred it.

The secret with slow cooking is simplicity.  Each ingredient just adds to the mess of flavours and makes it's easier to get wrong.  It's like mixing paint.  The more colours you add, the more likely you are to come up w…


Well, I experienced my first Mexican Posada on Saturday night.  I have to admit, I was a little trepidatious before it.  As you may know, I have little time for all thing religious.  It just gets under my skin, and makes me feel like my brain is being sucked out.  Don't get me wrong : I have a lot of respect for the kind of person who can, in the face of mountains of contradictory evidence, still insist on believeing the various tenents of any of the world's religions.  I mean : talking snakes? Jeeeeze...

Anyway, I digress.  I was very nervous about people coming into my house to take part in what is, after all, a religious cermony.

I really needn't have been.  As I might have guessed, most people where only really interested in the food, the drink, the dancing and the piñata.  Yes, there was the part where they ceremoniously re-enact the nativity.  But it was actually very pleasant. This is where some of the the people go outside and sing a special "let us in" s…